Yamazaki 12 Years (700ml)

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Tasting Notes:
Let’s embark on a flavor journey through the notes that define Yamazaki 12 Years:

– Aroma: Picture a stroll through an orchard in the morning mist. The whisky welcomes you with the sweet fragrance of honey, orchard fruits, and a gentle waft of Mizunara oak. It’s like a symphony of nature in a glass.

– Palate: The first sip unfolds a tapestry of flavors—ripe red berries, plums, and a hint of cinnamon. Yamazaki 12 Years dances on your palate with the grace of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, each note harmonizing seamlessly.

– Finish: The finish is a lingering melody, leaving behind whispers of dark chocolate, vanilla, and a touch of Mizunara oak spice. It’s the kind of closure that invites another sip, creating a symphony that resonates long after the last drop.