Dewar’s Double Double 36 Year Old (500ML)

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Dewar’s Double Double 36 Year Old is an exceptional, blended malt whisky created using the special ‘quadruple ageing’ process pioneered by Dewar’s Master Blender Stephanie MacLeod, who in 2021 was awarded the title of Master Blender of the Year by the IWC for the third year running. The new edition is presented in an opaque black glass bottle, featuring the series’ eye-catching four-point design to mirror the four-stage ageing process which includes ageing the malt separately before blending the Speyside malts together and the Highland and Islay malts together and ageing them, then all the malts are blended ahead of a two-stage ageing process. The final stage is carried out in Madeira casks.

The final liquid for the 36YO features notes of vanilla, coconut oil and ripe peaches.