Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc Lowland Single Malt Whisky [700ML]

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Food Pairings:
Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc invites you to explore culinary pairings that complement its lively character:

1. Grilled Seafood Platter: Enhance the whisky’s citrus notes with a grilled seafood platter, where the freshness of the catch harmonizes with the vibrant flavors of Sauvignon Blanc.

2. Goat Cheese and Fig Crostini: Pair with goat cheese and fig crostini to create a delightful contrast, allowing the whisky’s citrusy profile to mingle with the creamy richness of the cheese and the sweetness of figs.

3. Lemon Sorbet: Conclude your tasting journey with a palate-cleansing lemon sorbet, accentuating the crisp and refreshing nature of Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc.