Antiquary 21 Years Old (750ML)

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The Antiquary 21 Years old blend was produced in 1888 by John & William Hardie. They got the name from a novel by Sir Walter Scott. Moreover, the blend contains 55% malt whisky, considerably a high percentage. Combination of 30 grains is used to make The Antiquary.  A touch of Bowmore takes care of the subtle peated part of the Blend. The Grain Whiskies are from Camaronbridge and Port Dundas. Maturation takes place in a mix of Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Sherry casks. In addition,  the bottle comes in a nice box and is an interesting shape.  It has a plastic pouring thing in the top that’s usually used in bars to help stop air getting back into the bottle if the lid is left off. You need to shake the bottle a wee bit when pouring to release a valve or nothing much comes out.  Lastly, Top-notch stuff and highly deserving of the various awards that it’s won and the high score from Jim Murray.